The first video was put together by an ISM grad.  She asked to help out.  Just another example of great alumni trying to give back.  

Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn to say thank you.
Notice her reference at the beginning to her first full time job and a job rotation.
Do you want a full time job to begin in a job rotation (watch below from me)?…

In general, firms with a rotational program had nearly a 20% higher first-year retention rate than those without a rotational program. After five years, firms with a rotational program saw a 10% higher retention rate than those w/o a rotational program.

Advantages for students:
· Rapidly learn about your industry of interest
· Work on a diverse set of projects
· Find a mentor & learn about your potential career trajectory
· See what makes the company great

Students should ask:
· What are the goals of this program?
· How long will the program last?
· When does the Job Rotation Program Start?
· Will I be a full-time employee during the program (i.e. receive paid leave, benefits, etc.)?
· How many rotations will I go through, & how long will each be?
· What are some rotation assignment examples?
· Will I get to choose which rotations I go through or will they be assigned?
· Who will I report to?
· Will there be others in the program along with me?
· Will there be opportunities for mentorship?
· Will there be opportunities for professional development?
· Will I be offered a full-time permanent position after completing the program?

Career material:

Thank you.  Sime

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