Supply Chain Students:

I would highly encourage you to join orgs related to what you are majoring in.  Send the message to employers that you plan on being an engaged member of your discipline.  Also, these organizations have certs which can be used to externally validate you as a subject matter expert in SCM. Send the message to employers that you are aware of these certs & these certs are a part of your career goals. Further, all these SCM orgs have monthly local chapter meetings w/ guest speakers that you can attend as a student.  It is a great way to learn & network. I have had several students attend these meetings & managers asked for a copy of their resume because these students showed so much initiative.  You will also have access to their websites which has job postings & lots of SCM research that will help with your classes.  Also, they will mail you monthly & quarterly magazines that tell you what is happening in your field so you can stay current (which is perhaps the best reason for joining, stay smart & current). 

Hats off to APICS/ASCM for making it free for what are mostly broke college students.  Kind of hats off to ISM and CSCMP for making it very cheap (though $35-40 is never cheap to a college student).  

What if an employer asks why you joined ISM and/or CSCMP and/or ASCM?  Answer: See above.  

I have pasted below three of the larger ones related to SCM.  

Students (employers look for this on your resume):

Here is one of the most popular organizations related to your major (especially if you go into procurement, though all 3 orgs have become very well rounded)…
Institute of Supply Management

It does cost $35. They would pull in more students if they made it for free and then these students become full paying dues members after graduation (if they see the value proposition).


Here is another degree related organization that you can join ($40) to network and look for employment opportunities. FYI, you will be competing against other students from other schools that have these on their resume.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

One more high profile club for SCM students and professionals (free for students!)…

Please give serious consideration to joining these SCM organizations and getting them on your resume.  Send the right message to employers.  


Also, resume tips customized for SCM majors…


FYI, other SCM orgs:

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