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Quickest way to six figures? Answer: Supply Chain Management

2020 from Gartner:
Undergraduate Program Salary & Placement Trends Salary: 

*The average starting salary for undergraduates is $58,569, up from $56,973 in 2018 (WMU ISM grads >$60K, with many >$70K) 

*Top 10 undergraduate programs (such as WMU ISM): $63,067, up from $61,654 in 2018 

Placement: *92% of graduates are placed within three months of graduation *74% are placed at or before graduation (near perfect job placement for WMU ISM grads)

Supply Chain is the Dream Job? Quickest Way to Six-Figure Salaries.
Every week, another pub comes out with its list of “Hottest Careers.”
So, using stats from the gov, what’s the dream job?…

Global Supply Chain Manager!!!!!
Average salary for higher end earners: $135,100

Global SCM managers are the unsung heroes of companies who have to get products from A to B, on time, & on budget. The job calls for calm problem-solving ability, high-tech handiness, & diplomatic skill — a triple threat that’s hard to find. According to industry analysts, there is a growing shortage of these specialists as companies streamline & speed up every link in the chain to stay competitive.

More info…

Notice what happens to salaries as you get certified & get a
graduate degree…

Careers in SCM

Average Salaries (this is actually a few years old so the current numbers are even bigger)

*Overall average for supply management profession $102,218
*Average for those with five or fewer years of experience $ 69,350 (average for WMU ISM graduate is around $62K)

1. Average for those with BS/BA in business $ 99,490
2. Average for those with one or more credentials $102,498
3. Average for those with a Master’s degree $123,090

Do you understand why the salaries got bigger in each line above?

The problem with many of these “Hottest Careers” lists is that the jobs and careers on them often require years and years of training (i.e., biomedical engineer), offer an extremely small overall pool of jobs (i.e., meteorologist), or really don’t pay all that well (i.e., home health aide). In the overall scheme of things, you can get to six digits in SCM rather quickly, without huge amounts of debt heavy education. The path to a SCM career has an exceptional ROI and payback period (the very thing the profession excels at). Ironic.

JOB SECURITY? U.S. News & World Report recently predicted that logistics & SCM jobs would expand by 25 percent within the next decade and identified SCM as one of the “20 Best Business Jobs.” Logistics and supply chain management are also included in lists that rank top career fields for women during the next decade.

“…it’s clear that supply chain professionals are poised to become the most powerful executives in the world…”

Tomorrow’s CEOs Will Come from an Unlikely Place: The Supply Chain.

Common Theme from Graduates: It’s a great career path because supply chain management jobs are everywhere. Additionally, supply chain jobs usually pay super well and there is a great room for career growth. The career path also offers excellent work satisfaction, & it’s hard to get bored.

Everything has a supply chain and everything comes from a supply chain.

WMU: No. 1 in Michigan for earnings by graduates from all backgrounds


If you have a job interview, get ready for STAR and online robots…

Being job ready in the covid market and beyond…

I am thinking of doing dual major in marketing & supply chain management? What do you think about the combination?

When is the right time for grad school? The average age is 33.

Predictive Data Analytics (Excel on steroids): I get this kind of feedback all the time…

Female SCM students & professionals:

Also, the WMU Haworth College of Business (HCoB) is one of the best business colleges in the world.

FYI: What do ISM internships pay (& they all pay, never work for free)? The going rate is $16-27 per hour.

Resume & Career Advice:

WMU:  *No. 1 in Michigan for earnings by graduates*

Sample Lectures & Should You Major in Supply Chain?

Dr. Sime (Sheema) Curkovic, Ph.D., Professor, Operations/Supply Chain
Pat Daugherty Supply Chain & Lee Honors College FellowAssociate Director, Center for Integrated Supply Mgmt
Western Michigan University, Haworth College of Business
Schneider Hall 3246, Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5429
Tel.: 269.267.3093;  E-Mail:
The Western Way:  “Better, faster, cheaper”;
“WMU Integrated Supply Management (ISM)…Nation’s best undergraduate SCM program (Gartner); 2nd in technology (SoftwareAdvice); 2nd in top global talent (SCM World); 2nd among non-PhD granting programs (Gartner 2020)


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