I would highly encourage you to join organizations related to what you are majoring in.  Send the message to employers that you plan on being an engaged member of your discipline.  Also, these organizations have certifications which can be used to externally validate you as a subject matter expert in Supply Chain Management. Send the message to employers that you are aware of these certifications and these certifications are a part of your career goals. Further, all these SCM organizations have monthly local chapter meetings with guest speakers that you can attend as a student.  It is a great way to learn & network. I have had several students attend these meetings & managers asked for a copy of their resume because these students showed so much initiative. 

You will also have access to their websites which has job postings and lots of SCM research that will help with your classes.  Lastly, they will mail you monthly and quarterly magazines that tell you what is happening in your field so you can stay current (which is perhaps the best reason for joining, stay smart and current). 

What if an employer asks why you joined ISM and/or CSCMP and/or ASCM?  Answer: See above.  Say, “I wanted to stay current in my field.  Also, down the road after graduation, I want to use these organizations to network and pursue certifications that externally validates me as a subject matter expert in SCM.” 

I have pasted below three of the larger ones related to SCM.  

Students (employers look for this on your resume):
Here is one of the most popular organizations related to your major (especially if you go into procurement, though all 3 organizations have become very well rounded)…
Institute of Supply Management (used to be National Association of Purchasing Management)-$35/year




Here is another degree related organization that you can join ($40) to network and look for employment opportunities. FYI, you will be competing against other students from other schools that have these on their resume.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (used to be the Council of Logistics Management)


One more high profile club for SCM students and professionals (free for students!)…

The Association for Supply Chain Management (used to be APICS, used to be the Association for Operations Management, before that they were called the American Production and Inventory Control Society). 

Notice how these organizations kept trying to get the word “Supply” or “Supply Chain” into their titles?  You think they are trying to pull in a larger/broader audience?  Why?  More members, more dues, more money.  That is the world we live in. Usually there is an agenda and often that agenda has something to do with money.




Please give serious consideration to joining these SCM organizations and getting them on your resume.  Send the right message to employers.  


Types of certifications that will be very relevant to your career:                                                                         
C.P.S.M. (Certified Professional in Supply Management – ISM, ISMworld.org)

C.S.C.P.. (Certified Supply Chain Professional – APICS, the new name is Association for Supply Chain Management, ASCM.org)

APICS CSCP Learning System
Earning the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) designation demonstrates your mastery of the essential technology, concepts and strategies in supply chain management and enterprise resource planning. Information and Resources. Learning System Details. Download our Brochure to learn more about CSCP. Take five practice questions to see if …

C.P.I.M. (Certified in Planning & Inventory Management – APICS, the new name is Association for Supply Chain Management, ASCM.org)

Note:  Major new change to APICS/ASCM CPIM certification (you can start this one while still in school or I would start this one right after college)…

The CPIM certification program transitioned from a 5 module certification process to a 2 part process. The first part be will be very similar to our current module 1 but will have more questions on the exam and be significantly more expensive. The remaining 4 modules will be combined with the overlap between them removed. The cost for this second part will be more than each of the individual modules today, but less than the combined 4 modules. If a person passes Module 1 under the old program it meets the requirements for part 1 under the new process.

FYI from Sime, I have seen students place this on their resumes:

CERTIFICATION/CAREER GOALS                                                                                     
C.P.S.M. (Certified Professional in Supply Management – ISM)
C.P.I.M. (Certified in Planning & Inventory Management – APICS/ASCM)
C.S.C.P. (Certified Supply Chain Professional – APICS/ASCM)


Notice what happens to salaries as you get certified and get a graduate degree…
Careers in Purchasing and Supply Management
Average Salaries (this is actually a few years old so the current numbers are even bigger)
The Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) surveyed supply management professionals during January and February to determine average salaries in the supply management profession. This report presents summary results of the survey that is based upon salaries earned during the calendar year. A full report is available to ISM members in the Online Career Center. Some of the key result are listed here. Keep in mind that there are a variety of factors that determine the actual salary you may earn. Salaries vary based on such issues as business climate, work experience, industry, education, certification status, personal ambition, cost of living, and organization budget.

Overall average for supply management profession $102,218
Average for those with five or fewer years of experience $ 69,350 (average for WMU ISM graduate is around $62K)

1.  Average for those with BS/BA in business $  99,490
2.  Average for those with one or more credentials $102,498
3.  Average for those with a Master’s degree $123,090

According to the 2021 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report, supply chain professionals with at least one APICS certification have a median salary of $90,000, which is 27% higher than those without a certification.


Also, resume tips customized for SCM majors…


More details about ASCM (it is free for students!)…

From: ASCM Customer Support <support@ascm.org>
Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2021 12:12 PM
To: Sime Curkovic <sime.curkovic@wmich.edu>
Subject: Re: I am a SCM professor and I want to encourage my students to join ASCM. 

Hi Sime,

Thank you for contacting ASCM Customer Relations.  I am happy to assist you.  You can learn more about ASCM, here  at this link:  About ASCM | ASCM

Which APICS Credential is Right for Me? Education Selector | ASCM

There are several methods of study to prepare for the CPIM exam and the cost differs between the methods of study. There is Instructor LedInstructor SupportedGuided Self Study and Self Study

Here are the steps to follow to create a student account:

  • Click on Join/Renew
  • Choose from the CORE or PLUS North America option
  • Choose from the discounted membership drop-down “student”
  • Complete the discount requirements section
  • Leave checked or remove check-mark from the auto-renewing membership box
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Click add to cart.
  • Proceed to checkout.

If you have other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our support team via email at support@ascm.org, chat via www.ascm.org, or by phone, toll-free at 800.444.2742

Best Regards,


ASCM Support Team


Thank you.  Sime

WMU:  *No. 1 in Michigan for earnings by graduates*
Sample Lectures & Should You Major in Supply Chain?


Dr. Sime (Sheema) Curkovic, Ph.D., Professor, Operations/Supply Chain

Pat Daugherty Supply Chain & Lee Honors College Fellow

Associate Director, Center for Integrated Supply Mgmt

Western Michigan University, Haworth College of Business

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Tel.: 269.267.3093;  E-Mail: sime.curkovic@wmich.edu
The Western Way:  “Better, faster, cheaper”;  www.wmich.edu/supplychain

WMU Integrated Supply Management (ISM)…Nation’s best undergraduate SCM program (Gartner); 2nd in technology (SoftwareAdvice); 2nd in top global talent (SCM World); 2nd among non-PhD granting programs (Gartner 2020)

Vitae:  https://wmich.edu/supplychain/directory/curkovic


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