Also worth noting: @LinkedIn has a similar feature where you can practice by recording an answer to an interview question and 1) get immediate AI feedback, or 2) send it to someone in your network for personal feedback.
Get Instant AI Feedback to Improve Your Interview Answers

Also, I have soooo many students asking about STAR job interviews & online robots… and

STAR is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the situation, task, action, & result. Most companies use STAR.

Star Method:
Tell me of a time when you had to work within a group where the members did not get along? How did you handle the situation?

More help:
Help with online interviews & interviewing with robots (it is AI/machine learning technology)…

Practice before it really matters (this is mainstream now)…

Note, it is my understanding that these robot interviews are simply being used to weed out students. Also, that does not mean there is anything wrong w/ you if you do not get a face to face and/or onsite interview with a hiring manager. These robot interviews often simply are trying to develop a psychological profile of you & hence the weird questions. Some of these questions might be: what was the first thing you did this morning? Or what would you do if you saw someone bleeding heavily at work? The companies that use these might be trying to see if their corporate culture is a good fit for your profile. So, do not take the results personally, but learn as much as you can & get better at them (because they are not going away).The WMU website below is actually a very good link for that purpose.

WMU has a service through Big Interview that has students get real life practice interview that get recorded & submitted. (I believe this is similar to Hirevue). Students can practice with Big Interview & come talk to HCOB advisors.

How to prep for virtual career fairs:

Interviewing tools: Thank you WMU for 112 pages of ideas. A Top Business School (take a look at the list):

Being job ready…

What do SCM internships pay?
Delay graduation for experience?

93% of WMU grads are employed or continuing education.

Tips/advice from this college professor (aka, educated idiot):
1. Read. People that read a lot make more $ (2.3 times more?!)
2. Learn the job saving technology.

3. Learn to interview well. and
How to prep for virtual career fairs:
Being job ready…

4. Learn to negotiate ($). and

5. Learn to network & use LinkedIn. 

6. Delay graduation for experience.

7. Learn to problem solve –

8. Double Major?

9. Get a grad degree? Earn $3M more than someone w/ only a bachelor’s degree.

10. Job rotations?

11. 10 college majors that earn the most money:

12. Free tool for calculating degree ROI:

Resume Advice:

Professor (no Dr. allowed) Sime (Sheema) Curkovic, Supply Chain
Western Michigan University
Sample Lectures: What is SCM?
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