Should college grads negotiate a higher starting salary? Salaries in SCM are going up & already average $10K-$20K higher than entry-level positions in other fields. There isn’t enough young people working in supply chain –

People want more money & rewarding work (not paperwork).

Salaries per DC Velocity: 2022 vs 2021 vs 2020

Salaries per ASCM $: 2022 vs 2021 vs 2020

“The demand for logistics talent has never been greater. The low unemployment rate has created a supply/demand imbalance, spurring employers to raise salaries in a bid to attract and retain top talent. Of the 454 respondents to DC Velocity’s 19th annual Salary Survey, 72%) saw a boost in their total compensation in the past year.” 

SCM $ Information –

Newer Supply Chain Salary Data. Avg salary $144,017 (2021: $131,771): – 2022 salaries are up across the board. On avg, supply chain pros are making $126,215/yr, an increase from $112,779 in 2021, but on par w/ 2020’s avg of $126,475. The median salary in 2022 is now $108K. 20% earn $150K – $249,999/yr, while 16% earn $120K -$149,999. 12% earn between $90K-$99,999, & 10% earn $100K-$119,999. At the higher end of the scale, 9% earn more than $250K/yr. For details, see:

Placement success of ISM Program – *Median salary was $60K-65K (10% of grads hired on w/ 1 auto OEM at $78K!).

Dr. Sime (Sheema) Curkovic, Ph.D., Professor, Supply Chain
Western Michigan University
Sample Lectures: What is SCM?
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