How important are engineering skills in Supply Chain Management? Can you talk to engineers? More jobs starting to look like SCM + Engineering…Purchasing Engineer (55K jobs on LI), example: Also, engineers need to know how to answer “what is SCM & why is it important?” That is why we also have engineering majors w/ SCM minors.

Engineers wanted for SCM Jobs! Watch:

Here is some advice from SCM majors if you take a CAD class (that way you can talk to engineers at work):

A company forwarded me a job posting for an entry level position in SCM & they especially wanted a SCM major w/ some of these skill sets (Special Product Procurement Specialist):

1. Collaborate w/ engineers, mfg team members, designers, suppliers, tool builders, & associates to complete Engineering Change Orders. (Our students learn this in EDMM 1420: Engineering Graphics)

2. Must be familiar in the use of common quality system processes such as sample submission, capability studies, etc. (Our students learn this in EDMM 3280: Quality Assurance & Control)

3. Basic understanding of manufacturing processes used for metal fabrication, concrete, wood, and plastics is preferred. (Our students learn this in EDMM 1500/1501: Processes & Materials in Mfg Laboratory)

4. Must possess the ability to read & interpret blueprints. (Our students learn this EDMM 1420: Engineering Graphics)

5. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, & divide in common units of measure & have a working knowledge of data collection, data analysis, and evaluation. (Our students learn this in CIS 2640: Big data/predictive analytics)

Yes, this company is located in Kalamazoo & they know they can find the talent at WMU.

A few months ago, I had an HR manager tell me she had two entry SCM jobs but she was hoping for a CIS type for one & an engineer for the other. I asked her what about a SCM major that has super strong data analytics skills & takes engineering classes. She then asked: Does that even exist? I said YES. Reminder: many WMU SCM students are Business Analytics minors & all are req’d to take engineering classes.

Why was the WMU ISM supply chain program ranked 2nd in SCM technology by SoftwareAdvice? Answer: Because our students minor in Business Analytics –

• Minor/Major: Business Analytics (e.g., big data & predictive analytics, database management, data mining, project management, SQL, R, Python, PMO, Tableau, Power BI)

Our SCM students take these engineering classes:

EDMM 1420 Engineering Graphics

EDMM 1500 Introduction to Mfg

EDMM 1501 Processes & Materials in Mfg Laboratory

EDMM 3280 Quality Assurance & Control

EDMM 4870 Mfg Productivity Techniques

EDMM 4880/MKTG 4880 Applied Process Reengineering

EDMM 5120 Mgmt of Service Operations


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