This commercial popped up on my computer & I could not stop watching. I might have to use this in my Intro to SCM class. Brilliant. I have not watched a 2 minute commercial since…ever?

11 trendy things we are doing in the WMU supply chain program (maybe create a funny commercial)…

1. Getting hit w/ a price increase? We will be looking at raw material market data from multiple sources, we will visualize & analyze historical pricing scenarios, & do some simulating on planned purchases & what-if scenarios against forward price curves. Managers love this cloud platform.

2.   We use LLamasoft – which is now part of Coupa. The software, called Supply Chain Guru, is used as a network design software to build, model, & test the “best” supply chain networks based on total cost & customer demand. 

3.  Through a hands-on ERP/SAP software configuration project, students learn how information tech can help a firm manage its business processes. Mgmt issues associated w/ implementing & managing ERP systems, such as project mgmt, configuration control, training, system testing & change mgmt, are explored.

4. Students continue to get professional work experience during covid w/ “A3” & “DMAIC” projects. Problem solving has kept moving up & is now #1 as the most sought after skill set by employers!

5.  We now offer Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Certifications to undergrad supply chain students in our capstone class.

6.   We teach Indirect Procurement from an industry standard that we helped create. 113,000 unfilled jobs in Indirect Procurement on LinkedIn, & > 4,000 MRO Buyer jobs not filled!

7.    We teach ArcGIS Pro technology & other SCM risk tools such as FMEA. and

8.   Why do our grads interact so well w/ engineers? We make them take engineering classes.

9. SCM+NPD=Competitive Advantage. WMU has one of the best Product Design Programs in the world & ISM is going to collaborate w/ the program’s transdisciplinary approach to incorporating product design w/ engineering & business principles (i.e., SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT).

10. Global Negotiation: The fastest growing class in the WMU ISM program –

11.  And of course, Business Data Analytics:

*Advanced Excel (power query & power pivot) & macros
*Data visualization (Tableau, Power BI and python with seaborn & matplotlib)
*Data mining, machine learning & data science
*Python & Jupyter notebook (data analytics & statistical libraries such as pandas, numpy)
*Relational data models (Excel data model)
*Graphic & statistical libraries (Seaborn, Matplotlib, Pandas,& Plotly)


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