Do not be a victim of technology! Recessions tend to be very bad for college grads. However…The number of job openings fell for the 3rd straight month to 10.698M in June which is the lowest since 10.629M in August 2021 (off the record high of 11.855 million in March). That means there are only (sarcasm) around 11,000,000 unfilled jobs. That’s a recession?! College grads, worry not (for now, not even close). For students, the prospects are great, but do not be a victim of technology! 

See salary report below.

I am fascinated by the $ opportunities w/ Data Science skills. You could make the case that every Business major should minor (or double major) in Data Analytics. These skill sets would perhaps include: Employers place a premium on – 1. Advanced Excel (power query & pivot) & macros;
2. Data visualization (Tableau, Power BI & python w/ seaborn & matplotlib);
3. Data mining/RapidMiner, machine learning & data science;
4. Python & Jupyter notebook (data analytics & statistical libraries such as pandas, numpy);
5. Relational data models (Excel data model);
6. Graphic & statistical libraries (Seaborn, Matplotlib, Pandas, & Plotly).

Top 12 Skills You Need To Become a Data Scientist. There are ONLY 500,000 unfilled SCM Data Science jobs on LI. 

Business analytics addresses an increasing demand in orgs of all types to understand data related to their operations. Investments in information systems throughout the enterprise over the last 10-15 years are generating tremendous amounts of data, & companies will spend at least the next 10 years developing processes that generate insight from those data (visualization is huge, think Tableau and Power BI).

In addition to data generated internally, many companies are exploring the effects of external data, primarily present in social media, web search, manufacturing, & the SUPPLY CHAIN. The ability to manage data to support business projects are the key to success in many disciplines. Business analytics will provide a comprehensive skill set for SCM professionals & future SCM graduates to analyze, VISUALIZE (Tableau & Power BI!), & report data.

This has become a bare minimum:

CIS 2640 Predictive Data Analytics (Excel on steroids): I get this kind of feedback all the time… – You will be glad to hear that (Anaconda + Jupyter Notebook + Python + visualization libraries) is what we have been teaching in CIS 2650 since the course was created.

FYI, awesome post by Andrew Madson (most people would be much better at their jobs if they did this):
How to become a data analyst…wait, you already are a “data analyst” (I mean…you analyze data in your normal life), but here is how to get your FIRST data analyst job 👇

Why was the WMU SCM program ranked 2nd in SCM technology Because our students minor in business data analytics –


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