Yes, it is now time to start applying & interviewing for summer internships. Companies get budgets for internships approved months ahead of time & they often recruit nationally for the best talent. Some want to get this wrapped up by the end of the year, but you have to start looking now. Do not wait until Spring 2023 to find a Summer 2023 internship. Note, around ½ my students line up summer internships in the Fall & the other ½ during the Spring (so, it’s never too late). Just look at how demand > supply…

There are already > 22,000 SCM 2023 internships posted: & & > 60,000 business related internships.

PERHAPS delay graduation for work experience & stay specialized…

Should current students negotiate an INTERNSHIP offer (i.e., a higher salary)? Yes, since many orgs are offering students 20-30% below market value. The avg supply chain internship is $44,918/yr, or $21.6/hr. People on the lower end, bottom 10%, make $37K/yr ($17.80/hr), while the top 10% makes $54K ($25.96/hr). 

Over half our students are making over $20/hr. I firmly believe the program avg is around 20-22/hr. You can work in food customer service for $16/hr. Fed Ex is hiring manual part time laborers for 22.50/hr. You can collect unemployment & make around 16 per hour. Why would any company want to pay 20-30% below avg?  

I have soooo many students asking about STAR job interviews & online robots…

STAR is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the situation, task, action, & result. Most companies use STAR.
More help:

Help with online interviews & interviewing with robots (it is AI/machine learning technology)…

Practice before it really matters (this is mainstream now)…

Exploding job offers & do you want a full time job to begin in a job rotation?

Students are getting lots of job offers…
Reneging: Once you commit, quit!
In U.S., 28% accepted a job offer & reneged! 70% of grads are willing to renege?

Tips/advice from this college professor (aka, educated idiot):
1. Read. People that read a lot make more $ (2.3 times more?!)
2. Learn the job saving technology. &

3. Learn to interview well. and
How to prep for virtual career fairs:
Being job ready…
4. Learn to negotiate ($). and
5. Learn to network & use LinkedIn. & &

6. Delay graduation for experience.
7. Learn to problem solve – &

8. Double Major? &

9. Get a grad degree? Earn $3M more than someone w/ only a bachelor’s degree. &

10. Job rotations?
11. 10 college majors that earn the most money: &
12. Free tool for calculating degree ROI: &

13. Get certified as a subject matter expert: &

14. Learn to talk CFO talk:

Recent observations & career advice (videos/podcasts):

What is SCM?…

Sourcing Strategy:

Resume Advice:

Grad school advice:


Why are U.S. Firms Becoming Socially Responsible & Sustainable (or aren’t they)?

Recent observations & career advice (videos/podcasts):

How should companies use competitive bidding?
Assume a supplier estimates the following costs on an RFQ
ROI and Your Core Competency (i.e., SCM?)

To stay competitive, companies are forced to outsource commodities and focus on their core competency
The primary elements for sourcing a supply partner
What does it mean to be hollow? Sourcing Strategy matters!
The most reprinted article in the Harvard Business Review: The “Core Competence” Article

You have every legal right to say you want a “cost breakdown”

Procurement 101: Explanation on Commodities
How do companies outsource strategically?
POs & Advanced Contract Mgmt:

How SCM managers “prepare” to negotiate price increases.

Hundreds of SCM Blogs…

Dr. Sime (Sheema) Curkovic, Ph.D.,
Professor, Operations/Supply Chain, Lee Honors College Faculty FellowWestern Michigan University, Haworth College of BusinessKalamazoo, MI 49008-5429 | 269.267.3093 |
The Western Way: “Better, faster, cheaper”
WMU: #1 in MI for earnings by graduates
Sample Lectures: What is SCM?

WMU…One of nation’s best undergrad SCM programs (Gartner); 2nd in technology (SoftwareAdvice); 2nd in top global talent (SCM World)


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