Classes have started & my students are taking program rankings a little too seriously. The most important part of the report: “The top 10-15 supply chain programs are crowded and expensive. Consider others, even beyond the Top 25.” From me: if you are a student majoring in SCM, but your school is not on this list, do not worry about it! I am 99.9% certain that you are still getting a world class education that is extremely comparable to the schools on this list. In fact, in some ways, you might be getting a better education (i.e., smaller classes, closer mentors, better ROI maybe, etc.). Note also, all rankings are somewhat dubious and suspect (Gartner puts a lot of rigor into this one, but it is not perfect). At the undergraduate level, pay less attention to the brand and reputation of the school, and pay attention to your major (i.e., does demand exceed supply which means you will have multiple job offers upon graduation) and make great decisions while you are in school (i.e., work experience, networking, grades, passing a drug test, build your brand, etc.). The Gartner Report:

chart, treemap chart

Employers: trust me, you can find world class SCM talent at the unranked schools that are every bit as good. I meet these students all the time and they have sooo much to offer. Employers owe it to themselves to recruit the best talent from multiple schools. Yes, it requires more effort and expense, but it will keep your SCM org fresh and current. I know of one org that exclusively recruits from only two schools and over time the weaknesses of those two schools became this org’s weakness. So predictable.

Advice from this college professor (aka, educated idiot):
1. People that read make 2.3x more:
2. Learn job saving technology. &
3. Learn to interview well. and
How to prep for virtual career fairs:
Being job ready…
4. Learn to negotiate ($). &
5. Network & use LinkedIn. & &
6. Delay graduation for experience.
7. Learn to problem solve – &
8. Double Major? &
9. Get a grad degree? Earn $3M more. &
10. Job rotations?
11. 10 college majors that earn the most $: &
12. Tool for calculating degree ROI: &
13. Get certified as a SME: &
14. Learn to talk CFO talk:


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