In 2022, China had more battery production capacity than the rest of the world combined. FYI: Georgia, Kentucky, & Michigan are going to dominate EV battery mfg in the U.S. by 2030. Michigan predicted to “dominate” EV battery manufacturing after $2B investment.

Michigan has tons of upside (we just need more people). Michigan to compete as mfg capitol of the U.S. w/ new center. Backed by the World Economic Forum, it is the first of its kind in America. We are already the 3rd largest economic region in the world. The impact of the Chips Act on Michigan will be a curious thing.…1/3 of chips produced in the world use polysilicon produced in Hemlock, Mich. “They have no idea that MI is at the forefront of the semiconductor supply chain.” While the semiconductor mfg legislation has been lauded as a win, how much good will it do for the Great Lakes State?

Michigan: A Hand in the Next Generation of Semiconductor Manufacturing:

1,100 miles: The states of Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin have signed an agreement with Michigan to add charging stations & boost electric vehicle use AROUND LAKE MICHIGAN. The EV version of Old Route 66? Hmm. FYI: If the region surrounding the Great Lakes was its own country, it would be the 3rd largest economy in the world with a GDP of > $6 trillion.

This chart is 5 years old, but during that time our region has become bigger & more important.

Some speculate that Michigan might become the center of the universe because we are roughly 21% of the world’s surface freshwater. The Great Lakes are the world’s largest freshwater system, & contains enough water to cover the entire lower 48 states to a depth of almost 10 feet. Further, it is still the auto capita of the world (EV included) & one day our energy might come from hydrogen (i.e., from fresh water).

The Great Lakes Economy: Growth Engine of North America

Detroit Ranked No. 1 (globally?!) Emerging Startup Ecosystem & MI to compete as U.S. mfg capitol w/ new center.

This is all great news, BUT Michigan’s young population (0-25) has shrunk the MOST (-14%!). Birth rates have plunged in states where the 0-25 population is shrinking. Also,…There simply are not enough young people going into & working in the supply chain… Note, there are not enough young people in general. Last year, deaths exceeded births in fully half of the US states. What does the decline of young people mean to US industries (From Sime: our industries will not grow as much as they otherwise could and would)?…


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