Predictive Data Analytics (Excel on steroids): I get this kind of feedback all the time… – You will be glad to hear that (Anaconda + Jupyter Notebook + Python + visualization libraries) is what we have been teaching in CIS 2650 since the course was created. We have no plan to change it unless industry tells us otherwise.

Why was the WMU supply chain program ranked 2nd in SCM technology by SoftwareAdvice? Answer: Because our students minor in business analytics –

Employers place a premium on – 1. Advanced Excel (power query & pivot) & macros; 2. Data visualization (Tableau, Power BI & python w/ seaborn & matplotlib);
3. Data mining/RapidMiner, machine learning & data science;
4. Python & Jupyter notebook (data analytics & statistical libraries such as pandas, numpy);
5. Relational data models (Excel data model);
6. Graphic & statistical libraries (Seaborn, Matplotlib, Pandas, & Plotly).

Learn about the BA minor:

CIS 2640 – Applied Analytics Foundations (see description below)

I get these emails regularly…

Hello Sime,

I just wanted to let you know I just got hired at a company called XX-Just wanted to make sure you keep encouraging students to take CIS 2640, if it wasn’t for that class I would not have got the job. Thanks for everything you’re doing for the program & I hope you have a great day!
Dr. –
I wanted to say again how much CIS 2640 has already helped me with my career. I took the class this past spring w/ xxxx, & the timing could not have worked out any better. I went right into a summer internship at xxxx as a logistics analyst intern. With 2640, I was able to immediately begin cost savings analysis of freight pay data by using pivot tables, vlookups. I’m excited to begin using xlookups, index match, paste values, text formulas and other general Excel workflow best practices. I spent a lot of my time this summer cleaning data, and the curriculum was spot on. 

I can’t imagine not taking this class, as it would be much more difficult to stand out in interviews & the workplace. I recommend the BA minor to everyone. I would appreciate if you could let the CIS team know that in my opinion, the content is spot on, & that we should offer the class to as many students as possible. 
Hi Sime,
I wanted to reach out to let you know that I have received a couple of job offers! One that I really am leaning toward is an Inventory Analyst role with xxxx. They have offered me $68,000 a year and $3,000 to help me relocate.
Also for any ISM students thinking about the BA minor please stress to them the importance of it. In every interview I have had they are very impressed with it & really want new hires to be comfortable with Excel. For xxxx they told me it was one of the things that helped me stand out against other candidates & they think it will help me be able to do anything within the position.


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