Students getting ready for career fairs: I actually have employers tell me they will NOT consider a student if they do NOT have a strong professional LinkedIn presence…How to effectively join LinkedIn. I have former students that found new jobs & they were not even looking! Interviewing tools:

Also, most employers will not even look at your resume if it looks like a lazy effort. Aesthetics matter!

Yale advice:



Personally, I prefer WMU’s Career Services manual. Also, WMU HCOB/ISM has a great ROI (just ask my students starting at 70K & making over six digits by age 30).  Keep in mind that many schools such as Harvard ($54K/yr tuition), Yale ($58K/yr), & Stanford ($57K/yr) don’t offer undergrad business degrees.  WMU ($13K/yr) – A Top Business School (take a look at the list):

Should current students negotiate an INTERNSHIP offer? The avg SCM internship is $44,918/yr, or $21.6/hr. People on the lower end, bottom 10%, make $37K/yr ($17.80/hr), while the top 10% makes $54K ($25.96/hr).

Should grads negotiate a job offer (i.e., a higher starting salary)?

Virtual career fairs:
Business externship?

Placement success of ISM Program – *Median salary was $60K – $65K (around 10% of grads hired on w/ 1 auto OEM at $78K!). “Supply Chain”+”Degree”=jobs & $$.

Will technology replace SCM jobs?
Global Negotiation: Fastest growing class.

A Top School:
Sample Lectures:

Power BI or Tableau? Do not be a victim of technology.
Here is a read on how SCM 4.0 does not have to be super expensive:

How much Python do I need to know in order to excel in SCM?

STAR job interviews & online robots…

For details on how to build your brand:
Similar to MBTI:

Help with online interviews…
Practice before it really matters…

Resume advice…

Internships, salary data, etc.
Covid job market…

Delay graduation for experience?
Right time for grad school?

Predictive Data Analytics (Excel)…
Problem solving #1 skill set! Elon’s resume –


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