The online program through UM’s Ross Business School ranks No. 1 in Michigan & No. 18 in the nation. It is the only Michigan university ranked in the top-100 out of 344 programs that were ranked…

Well, that darn MBA degree still has a great ROI…“Over their lifetime, an MBA grad can expect to earn $3M more than someone w/ only a bachelor’s.” Great ROI!?…At about 98% of universities that offer MBAs, grads typically made more money 2 years out of school than they had borrowed. That stands in contrast to law schools, where roughly 6% of programs had grads w/ higher median earnings than debt in the same time frame. (lots of data & links) &

Interesting salary & job placement data for USC MS grads. MIT MS SCM grads can be found at: Hottest MBA Degree Now? Supply Chain Mgmt.

What You Can Do With an MBA in SCM?

When is the right time for grad school? The avg age is 33. I find the age stat to not be too meaningful. For anyone <33, you will likely be the first centurion generation. That means you will live to 100 & have a 60+ year work career. Just remember, the older you get, the lesser the chances of starting &/or finishing.

Hottest MBA Degree Now?

Forget Finance. SCM Is the Pandemic Era’s Must-Have MBA Degree.

Note, the MBA route requires careful thought.

Most of our students start their careers in a job rotation for 1-3 years (

Of course, do what is rewarded in the culture of your org. Look at your boss’s resume & your boss’ boss’ resume ( In general, I would not do a general MBA or even an MBA w/ a SCM concentration (especially if I had an undergrad in SCM). I like certs associated w/ ISM, APICS/ASCM, CSCMP, etc., but I suspect that I would not actually learn much from the process of getting certified (assuming I had an undergrad in SCM). These certs however would externally validate you as a subject matter expert & that is worth a lot in industry (especially if you are trying to get your foot in the door for a SCM job & do not have a SCM background).

I would consider a degree in something that is quicker than the traditional 12 classes (i.e., a mini MBA or MS). I would also get it in something I am weak in & is likely to be important. So as of 2022, what would I do? I would do something like a mini MBA or MS (9 classes, not 12) at a high profile SCM school (i.e., Big 10, massive network) in “Digital” SCM (assuming I was weak in this area).

Great read by Mr. Daniel Stanton:


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