We are teaching our students to look at raw material market data from multiple sources, visualize & analyze historical pricing scenarios, & simulate planned purchases & what-if scenarios against forward price curves. Why? Over ½ of our students go into Procurement.


Has “Strategic” Cost Management (i.e., Price Analysis) become a lost art? According to World Commerce & Contracting, 70% of current supplier agreements have price increase provisions: https://lnkd.in/g_ByzrNU.

Solutions such as the N-Alpha Materialx platform go beyond saving time and effort to manage spreadsheets to perform price indexing. They get the whole organization on the same page, allow companies to audit their indexing data, and forecast future indexing scenarios easily.

Stay tuned for our case study report – Some of our alumni are already testing and / or implementing automated business processes based on such tools, serving as the basis for addressing price indexing implementations (formulas, economic adjustments, etc.) by champions in a few larger orgs, and we’re following these implementations from an academic perspective. Please reach out if you would like to join the case study.


If you’re in procurement, finance, or sales and need to perform price indexing or economic adjustments to address inflationary risks, we feel your pain. We hear from multiple companies in different industries how they dedicate significant resources to updating massive spreadsheets to perform such operations. Our platform can take care of automating your data and business processes and allow you efficiencies and organizational insights like no spreadsheet can. Talk to us.


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