FREE resources for Info on Suppliers, Customers, & Prospects. A WMU MBA Alum from our Taiwan Program & working in B2B industrial sales, offered the following list of free websites as a resource for research on competitors, customer supply chains, & prospect contact info. Many of these links may already be in your resource list, but if not, they can be helpful:

Students, you can use this stuff for class.

More stuff:
Students: 3 supply chain orgs you can join ($35,, $40 & for free!). SCM pros w/ at least 1 APICS cert have a median salary of $90K, which is 27% higher than those w/o a cert. (according to the 2021 Career Report).

My colleagues helped me put this list together for my non-supply chain majors. Industry Certifications & Associations for Various Business Majors:

I would highly encourage you to join orgs related to what you are majoring in. Send the message to employers that you plan on being an engaged member of your discipline. Also, these orgs have certs which can be used to externally validate you as a subject matter expert. Send the message to employers that you are aware of these certs & these certs are a part of your career goals.

Further, all these SCM orgs have monthly local chapter meetings w/ guest speakers that you can attend as a student. It is a great way to learn & network. I have had several students attend these mtgs & managers asked for a copy of their resume because these students showed so much initiative. You will also have access to their websites which has job postings & lots of SCM research that will help with your classes. Lastly, they will mail you magazines that tell you what is happening in your field so you can stay current. 
70% of current contracts have price INCREASE provisions?! Great post & read:

Our SCM program is fortunate to be working w/ industry partners such as N-Alpha. This Fall our students are looking at raw material market data from multiple sources. We will visualize & analyze historical pricing scenarios & do some simulating on planned purchases & what-if scenarios against forward price curves. It beats manually updating giant color coded Excel spreadsheets.

Stay tuned for some white papers from the WMU SCM program based on price analysis & strategic cost management research… Some of our alumni are already testing and / or implementing automated business processes based on such tools, serving as the basis for addressing price indexing implementations (formulas, economic adjustments, etc.) by champions in a few larger orgs, and we’re following these implementations from an academic perspective.

Gartner: “Supply chain management software revenue grew 9.3% in 2022, faster than most other application software markets, exceeding $24.7 billion. The growth rate in constant-U.S.-dollar terms (base 2020) was 14.7%, which was double that of the previous year, indicating much higher growth in investments.”

Supply Chain Mgmt Software Market Size Reached US$ 15.8B In 2022. The Market Expects To Reach US$ 33.9B By 2030, Exhibiting A Growth Rate (CAGR) Of 12.6% During 2022-2030.| Data By Contrive Datum Insights Pvt:

Also, a great read…attracting top talent in the supply chain software industry with the Gillespie Manners Supply Chain Software Salary Guide for 2023/24.

13 page Salary Guide: Supply Chain Software…

FYI, for my Sales majors & your sales talent needs…WMU named a top sales program for 16th consecutive year:

16 Strategies For Identifying Prospects With Real Potential:

Advice from this college professor (aka, educated idiot):
1. People that read make 2.3x more:
2. Learn job saving technology. &
3. Learn to interview well. and
How to prep for virtual career fairs:
Being job ready…
4. Learn to negotiate ($). &
5. Network & use LinkedIn. & &
6. Delay graduation for experience.
7. Learn to problem solve – &
8. Double Major? &
9. Get a grad degree? Earn $3M more. &
10. Job rotations?
11. 10 college majors that earn the most $: &
12. Tool for calculating degree ROI: &
13. Get certified as a SME: &
14. Learn to talk CFO talk:


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