ISM’s Women’s Supply Management Community: Female Supply Chain students & professionals (the opportunities are endless).: Gender issues in buyer-seller relationships: does gender matter in purchasing?’s Top Companies for Women 2023To create the list, we surveyed approximately 70,000 women working for multinational corporations across 37 countries…

Top 10 Women In Supply Chain:


Study: Women Business Owners Are More Trustworthy Than Men.

Women are an Advantage in Supply Chain Collaboration and Efficiency:

Bucknell Professor Finds Benefits of Having a Woman CFO in Study:

Women Can Lead The Way Through Supply Chain Challenges:

World’s top companies for women:

Podcast Episode, “Becoming Successful Women in a Male-Dominated Industry.”

“Steel toes and stilettos: A story of women in the supply chain”. The authors of a new book on supply chain tell a story of lean transformation in the context of building inclusive teams.

Recent observations & career advice (videos/podcasts):

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