Do you think our SCM students should learn this? ArcGIS is a technology that can help companies manage risk. Are Supply Chain professionals using ArcGIS Pro technology? Our Intro GEOG 3010 – Fundamentals of GIS is an elective in the SCM program (see below).

I had a GIS analyst reach out to me & ask: Is there a business geography specialty group that addresses SCM issues? Where could people find GIS SCM problem sets?

I reached out to a GIS geography colleague & the feedback was…There is a Business Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers (AAG).

There are a lot of interesting examples of SCM issues & GIS at the ESRI website.

Some of the interesting best practices involve dashboard type views of interruptions:

There are also advanced operations in ArcGIS Enterprise:

As for problem sets, there are often interesting datasets and suggestions for solving complex problems on GitHub. A quick looks shows a lot of Python type modeling for SCM on GitHub.

In terms of teaching, most of these topics are beyond our intro level GIS course. However, we also teach GEOG 5690: GIS Workflows, where students learn more about dashboards & origin-destination analysis, & work on 4 mini-projects w/ a data type of their choosing. We will teach a Project Mgmt & Programming course (GEOG 4670/6670) that could also be useful to SCM students.

Here are some entries in the GIScience Body of Knowledge/encyclopedia that might be helpful to have students read:

Also, if you want to find where the business geogs publish, they typically aim for ‘applied geography’ journals:
Our Intro GEOG 3010 – Fundamentals of GIS
An intro course that covers the use and application of geographic information systems (GIS). It combines an overview of general principles of GIS & practical experience in map creation & the use of spatial information, including fundamental aspects of measurement, representation & analysis. Intro GIS focuses on the basics of working w/ both vector & raster data, as well as the societal aspects of GIS (emerging uses, interaction w/ new technologies, data standards, public access to info).

We upgraded the course to ArcGIS Pro, which works better in online environments; we are going to have a dedicated Mac-user office hour period, for Mac users that will have to use remote desktop or some kind of Windows-on-Mac system; AND we are using COVID & racial disparities data through the semester so that students really get a handle on some of this real data w/o relying on the interpretation of others.

A great read on the…”the importance of including location analytics in the standard business school curriculum—especially in the field of SCM.” Access:

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